Made in Europe ­- why does it mean so much?


Customers are more conscious of their choices nowadays. More and more people want to know where their clothes were produced. As a result, they want to make sure that items they purchase don’t necessarily come from manufactures which don’t provide employees any fair work conditions. It’s not as popular yet to make it a worldwide trend; however, it has been noticed that people focus on buying stuff from local producers. Is it about the quality of offered goods? Or maybe it’s more about supporting local services? Today, we’d like to focus on explaining what Made in Europe” label actually means for us.

First of all, let’s talk about this well-known topic related to work conditions. It’s important to note that the European Union introduced some standards that have to be considered at work places in different European countries. If there’s a hypothetical company that doesn’t treat its employees as they should be treated… well, you can’t do such a thing in Europe on the legal level. You have to meet given rules in order to actually run a company. It means that workers have various rights and employers have to be aware of them while hiring new people.

Secondly, making the quality of products as highest as possible is important as well. European manufactures have to give their clients the best quality in order to get their attention. It’s not about giving the customers a bad quality product that will have to be replaced in some amount of time. It’s actually otherwise, it’s all about making a certain product that will be as good as possible. Of course, let’s be realistic. There are certainly some made-in-Europe stuff with not so good quality. But hey, there are obviously some good quality products made in China as well. Personally, we haven’t seen any bad products that comes from Europe, so such a thing is not really on the agenda.

Thirdly, when you focus on buying goods from local companies, you instantly support the local market.Imagine a man who once decided that he wants to run a small manufacture on his own. It wasn’t even being called the “manufacture” then. It was more of a home-workshop or so. He started to make his very own products. Let it be clothes, hats, or even dog toys. The most important thing is that he had an idea and he wanted to be successful at this, because he knew it had a potential. However, his products couldn’t compete with this well-known brand names. As a result, his products weren’t so popular. But what if local people would fully support his work? They would buy his goods and it would be a very nice exchange. Customers would get a long-lasting good quality product and he would still be able to run his small workshop.

And finally, efficiency still may go together with the good quality products. Manufactures that are placed in Europe can provide their clients a fast shipping service without wasting much time in order to get the package. On the other hand, some companies, such as CustomTop, can offer its clients a full service which is producing clothes from scratch to ready-to-sell products. What does it mean? Well, brands or even individual clients can focus on marketing activities, desiging new collections, or even taking some time off, while the manufacture is taking care of an actual product.

Whether you, as a customer or as a company, want to make better choices when it comes to fair trade or quality, try to focus on goods with “Made in Europe” label. It’s all about being aware of different aspects of human’s life. And one of them is making sure that a product you buy or sell is the best option that you or your customer can get. Remember that when you want to make a bigger impact on a given market, it’s always good to think ahead.

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