Why organic cotton?


Choosing the right fabric for your collections may be sometimes a tough choice. It depends obviously on your brand’s philosophy and needs of your clients, however, maybe you are just not sure what to think about this topic related to an ecological approach towards fashion. This is why we decided to write this blog post – to give you some idea regarding the organic cotton and why it is so different from the regular one.

First of all, let’s actually explain what the word ‘organic’ actually means. Different dictionaries around the web note that it is connected with not using artificial chemicals. On the other hand, it also refers to this natural state of a particular plant. To put it simply, ‘organic’ is all about keeping the plants as toxic free as possible without interfering with their natural form (ever heard about genetically modified organisms?).

When the demand for cotton increased, people had to deal with the higher production and still with the same area of land. This is why they started to incorporate more and more different toxic substances to make this process as easy as possible. However, during the production of organic cotton, farmers use compost, crop rotation, cover crops, weed, and even some beneficial insects in order to build strong fundaments for the soil as well as for the yielding itself. As a result, the soil is healthy so are the plants.

If you still wonder how organically grown cotton may be beneficial, let’s talk about this.
It is not a surprise that such cotton is 100% friendly for our environment, right? But how about its actual use for clothes? When you wear, for example a t-shirt made of organic cotton, you feel this natural soft quality of the hypoallergenic fabric. In addition, it is a highly absorbent material – even more than the fluff pulp. But how about our economy itself? There is no wonder that organically made products support a true economy which is all about small independently owned businesses which provide the highest quality of a given product. This is also why such cotton is slightly more expensive – most of the big manufactures produce high quantities without paying too much attention to the quality of their cheap product and its impact on human’s as well as planet’s health.

We hope this post gave you some idea of why choosing organic cotton may be a significant choice. We are working on incorporating more organic fabrics into our offer, so if it is something interesting for you, just let us know. Have a lovely day ahead. πŸ™‚

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