Express delivery


We already mentioned such aspects of how collaboration with us looks like: our products are made in Europe, our minimum is just 50 pieces, and our service is comprehensive for our clients. This time, let’s talk about delivery.

When you order a certain product online, you expect to get it to your door very fast. You still have to keep in mind that the delivery date depends on some factors, whether it is a day of the week, destination, or even a method of payment that you chose. Nowadays, thanks to different services like UPS, it is possible to send and receive packages even from distant countries. However, the closer you are from a company which offers products that are interesting to you, the faster you get the ordered goods. Delivery to your place from CustomTop takes like 2-5 working days. Moreover, every package is registered and can be tracked, so that you know where the parcel is and when you should expect it to be delivered.

Next time, we will talk about our company being eco-friendly and why it is so important in the current world. Stay tuned. 🙂

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