Just 50 pieces


During your whole life you want to try different things – because why not? It may be trying a new meal, hairstyle, or even creating your own clothing brand. You got an idea but you wonder ”what should I do to make my dream comes true?”. You designed your very first collection but you need someone to actually produce it for you. But what if you don’t necessarily want to order 500 pieces per one design? You just want to try smaller amounts at the beginning and then, when you know how everything looks and works, you can eventually adjust it to your needs.

This is why we think that 50 pieces of each design is a right amount for the first run. It may be a good option for you when you want to have a lot of different prints on your t-shirts, but you don’t need hundreds of each on stock. And it’s a win-win situation for you because you don’t have to pay for more pieces and, on the other hand, your clients are happy since they can choose from many different designs.

However, if you see that your design didn’t meet your expectations, you can always change it and you’re not left with a product that you’re not actually happy with. With this, you can make your brand unique because you can release new smaller collections more often and in this situation, you actually keep your clients constantly interested.

Whether you want to make your dreams come true, offer your clients different products, and/or simply save some money, go for 50 pieces. You will make your brand one of a kind and there will be no chance that someone may have the same or similar products. You can even make a surprise for your family and friends by ordering 50 t-shirts of your very own design for them and checking if they like what you created. Maybe this would be the perfect time for you to create your clothing brand. Just give your idea a go. 🙂

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