Comprehensive production


Running any kind of business requires certain sacrifices. One of them is obviously your time. Even though you may have some people responsible for different tasks, you have to somehow make sure that everyone does a good job. But what if you’re just starting your very own clothing brand and you don’t have many people around that would actually help you in managing your business?

In order to make your collection available for your clients in the shop, you have to put much effort into creating a business plan, doing some research on the fashion market, designing all the collection, taking care of all the financial aspects of the business, employing some people, finding the best manfacture that suits your expectations, checking whether a certain production goes as planned, getting all the stuff at your place, making sure all of the items have labels and hangtags, folding them, packing everything, and finally sending everything to your clients. Above all of that, you still have to somehow get to your target group. In this case, you spend some more time on advertising, adjusting your website so your clients can easily access your goods, and running your brand’s Facebook page.

However, your situation looks differently when you have access to a cloth manufacture that offers a full service for its clients. What does it mean? After you confirm all the necessary information with the manufacture, you can spend more time on planning on how to get to your clients. You don’t have to worry about all of the production things that are going on in the manufacture. You just order what you need, confirm all of the designs, and you get products that have a label, hangtag, and that are packed in a foil bag (you can of course have a different requirements on how a final product should look like, this is just an example). After you receive all of the goods, you can simply send them to your clients.

Thanks to such service, you can plan everything ahead and the process of manufacturing your designs is not something that preoccupy your mind all day long. Just make sure that your products meet your clients’ expectations and we, as CustomTop, will make sure that our service meets yours. 🙂

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