Why CustomTop? 10 reasons


1. “Made in Europe”

All of our products are made entirely in Poland. CustomTop was created to show that Europe can produce high quality clothes while giving its employees, and so customers, appropriate working conditions.

2. Just 50 pieces

This is our minimum for placing an order. It makes it easier for new brands or even individual people, who decide to try creating their very own collection, to enter the market.

3. Comprehensive production

Our customers can devote more time on design, distribution, and marketing since the process of production and preparation of garments for the sale are on our side.

4. Express delivery

Thanks to our location and long-term cooperation with UPS service, we provide supply of goods in up to 3 working days without any additional custom costs, in the EU.

5. We are eco-friendly

We not only promote “Made in Europe” enterprises, we also care about our environment. This is why our manufacture is certified to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. It means that things we produce are free from any harmful substances which have a negative impact on the environment.


6. Happy employees

Our employees receive fair wages. We value people who work with us – they are the ones that determine the quality of our services.

7. The highest quality

For our productions, we use only products with the highest quality. This is something that make us recognizable. 100% of our customers gave us positive feedback regarding the quality of offered goods.

8. Customer care

Our team helps clients in creating their own vision and, thanks to certain tools, in making their brand distinguishable. When you contact us, we approach each of you individually to make sure we understand your needs.

9. Design online

Our workshop allows you to design your own garment step by step. You can choose from different fabrics, colors, or cuts. Feel free to be creative. You are the boss of your creation. 🙂

10. Trendy cuts

For over 15 years we are to-date with trends. We offer more than 50 different cuts in line with current global fashion directions.

And what is your opinion? Why did you choose CustomTop in the first place? Or why not? Is there anything we should change? Let us know, we respect your feedback.

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